Southeast Missouri Skydiving

SEMO Skydiving in Southern Illinois is a small club oriented drop zone where you can get personalized skydiving instruction in a comfortable setting. The owners and staff of SEMO Skydiving have decades of experience and enjoy teaching new students the exciting sport of skydiving. SEMO Skydiving is also a Group Member of the United States Parachute Association (USPA), and we focus on the safety and proper training of all skydivers.

SEMO Skydiving serves Cape Girardeau, Sikeston, and Poplar Bluff, Missouri, as well as Paducah and Murray, Kentucky, and SIUC at Carbondale, Illinois.

Visitors are Welcome!

If you are interested in making a skydive, but first would like to see how it is done, come join us for a few hours, or even all day. Observer rides in the aircraft are a great way to see the action firsthand.

Demonstration Jumps

SEMO Skydiving is available to jump into your special event. Whether it's an air show, football game, birthday party, or whatever, we have qualified skydivers ready to go. Call for more information.

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